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Get Your Tile Cleaner & Healthier in the Lacey Area

Have you ever met somebody who tried to not keep their home fresh and healthy? That’s why we wanted to talk about your tile and grout. These surfaces in your home are often cleaned by passing over them with a mop and broom, but is that really enough? The simple answer is no. This is because dust, dirt, and grime push their way deeper into the floor that can cause damage to both your health and the overall look of the tile. None of that is to say that you shouldn’t regularly mop and sweep, but in order to have a clean and healthy home, you need to get your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Lucky for you, the team here at Green Leaf Chem-Dry offers a superior tile cleaning service in Lacey that has been tested and proven effective.

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A Better Way to Clean Tile in Lacey, WA

It’s only fair to ask what makes us different than other tile cleaners in Lacey. Well, we can sum it up in three words: Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®. The tile, stone, and grout cleaning process we use will dry faster, clean deeper, last longer, and leave your tile surfaces healthier by eliminating dust, grime and dirt. This is because we use less water, only use safe and non-toxic solutions, and constantly train on best practices. When it comes to tile cleaning in Lacey, WA, we clean for your health like no one else!

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“I had asked for tile cleaning a sealant for shower, kitchen and entry. He commented that our tile was so clean that we didn’t need to spend money on cleaning it just sealing. He saved us quite a bit of money. We’ve used other companies that would just come and do whatever was written up. We will have Jim from ChemDry from now on.”

L. Rain

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“Very pleased with their services. He showed up within the 2 hour window, was very friendly and professional and did a great job. It was very affordable too.”


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“Everything about Green Leaf Chem Dry is 5-Star, from communication, punctuality, efficiency, to utmost professionalism! Anton was not only friendly and helpful but did an amazing job. We would use this company again and again, and HIGHLY recommend them!”

Roger L.

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The Green Leaf Chem-Dry Tile Cleaning Process Broken Down

Our entire Lacey tile cleaning service is as simple as these 5 steps:

  •  First and foremost, we need to perform a thorough inspection to determine the extent of damage and the exact type of tile or stone you need to be cleaned.

  • Next, we want to make sure your property near the tile won’t be affected by the tile cleaning solutions. Although these are safe and non-toxic, they are designed for tile and not other materials in your home. That’s why we will protect your other property by taping off our work area.

  • Once the area is secured, the cleaning tech will start to remove any dry dirt and dust on the surface. This will help them deliver a deeper clean by allowing more direct access.
  • Now comes the fun part. The tech will start carefully applying our cleaning solutions to eliminate the deeper down dirt and dust. They will also be sure to perform quality checks along the way to make sure your expectations are met.

  • Finally we “seal the deal” by applying our high-quality sealers. This creates a protective barrier for a longer-lasting and healthier clean. It also purifies and shines up your floors. The sealer will be applied immediately after the cleaning for the best results.