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The air is getting warmer and the seasons are beginning to change. Now is the perfect time to open up windows and let a fresh breeze roll in. It’s also an ideal time to start implementing spring cleaning solutions in your home. So brush off the winter season and step into spring with these healthy cleaning solutions from Chem-Dry. 


Spring Cleaning With Chem-Dry

Our homes are always susceptible to dirt, germs, and allergens. However, it’s understandable to see how the winter season can leave things feeling particularly stuffy and dirty. 

Because so many months are spent inside during the winter season and the flow of fresh air through the home is typically kept to a minimum, our homes are often filled with significantly more dust, airborne particles, and bacteria. But on the flip side, spring can be a rejuvenating season that receives a warm welcome.

Here’s how Chem-Dry can help in your quest for a clean, healthy home this spring. For starters, we offer a variety of home cleaning services to choose from: 

Each of these services are not only essential for your spring cleaning needs, but help eliminate bacteria and allergens from your home. See the results of our cleaning services on allergens and airborne bacteria in this recent Home Health Study.

And as always, you have our promise to provide spring cleaning solutions that are not only effective in your home, but safe for the local environment. Our proprietary cleaning solution, The Natural®, contains only natural ingredients found on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe list. In addition, our carpet cleaning method uses just one fifth the amount of moisture compared to steam cleaners.

Our solutions include no hazardous, toxic substances and meet the highest standards of biodegradability, safe pH levels, and clean air requirements. 


Spring Cleaning In Olympia, Washington

Your trusted team at Green Leaf Chem-Dry is here to help with all of your spring cleaning needs. Our methods are significantly more effective in your home and safer for our local Olympia community. Schedule your FREE virtual price estimate for spring cleaning today!