clean and sanitize your used furniture in Olympia
You’ve done it! You found the piece of furniture to complete the unique look you were hoping for in your home. Driving around to yard sale after yard sale has paid off. We know that your are anxious to get the furniture in your home, but remember, this piece had a past. Dirt, bacteria and age-old odors have built up on the fabric over the past years, so it’s time to freshen up that loveseat before putting it in your living room.

Disinfect Your Furniture

First and foremost, you’ll want to disinfect your piece of furniture. Simple methods do this include sanitizing wipes, aerosol sprays, or simply wiping the furniture down with a vinegar/water mixture. Be sure to test whichever method you choose on a sample area before cleaning the rest of the couch. If those nasty stains are still lingering after your best efforts to get rid of them, have the professionals at Green Leaf Chem-Dry help you out. We use a professional strength sanitizer and revolutionary cleaning methods that have proven to eliminate unhealthy bacteria.

Eliminate the Odors

Once you have eliminated the bacteria and grime, it’s time to get rid if the nasty odors. Odors most often come from trapped moisture inside the fabrics of the furniture. After time the odor turn more rancid and harder to eliminate. Using fabric and deodorizers only mask the odor. After you’ve sanitized and disinfected the furniture, you can now work to eliminate the odors. Instead, you should try cleaning the fabric with warm water and vinegar or using baking soda. Calling Green Leaf Chem-Dry, who specializes in eliminating unwanted odors, have the ability to remove the odors completely.

Once you have taken these necessary steps, you will feel more comfortable bringing the furniture into your home and you can begin to enjoy your new treasures! We do our best to make your home a Cleaner. Happier. Healthier.™ home!