Maintaining Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Mar 26, 2024 | Area Rug Cleaning

Choose The Right Rug And Keep It Looking Its Best With These Tips

Choosing a rug is an important design decision, and also has some functional elements, too. 

Placing a rug in high traffic areas can help extend the life of your carpet or hardwood floors. But in order for the rug to withstand all that comes its way, rug cleaning in Olympia is essential. 

With routine care, you can maintain your rugs as the years go by. Here are some tips to help. 

Simple Rug Care Tips

  • The material you choose matters. Of course you’ll want to focus on color and pattern, but consider a material that’s durable and stain resistant. Nylon and wool work well in high traffic areas. 
  • Take precautions ahead of time. Place mats at entryways to catch most of the dirt and moisture before it enters your home. Also make it a habit to remove shoes at the door. 
  • Make vacuuming a part of your daily routine. It sounds simple, but frequent vacuuming is an essential part of keeping your carpet and rugs clean. And when you do it daily, you can catch dirt before it settles deep into the fibers. Vacuum higher traffic areas more often. 
  • Take immediate action to treat spills and stains. Living areas like family or game rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms will understandably see more accidents and spills. While they can’t be avoided completely, what you can do is act fast before the spills soak deep into your rug and leave a permanent stain. 
  • Take advantage of professional cleaning and protectant. Professional rug cleaning in Olympia on a routine basis is the best way to ensure your rugs look their best. Not only do we remove dirt, stains, and odors, we also apply our specially formulated protectant to help rug fibers repel future stains. 


Rug Cleaning In Olympia

Rugs and carpets in high traffic areas require consistent routine maintenance. But with simple practices, you can keep yours looking their absolute best. And Chem-Dry is here to help! 

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