Leather Cleaning in McCleary, WA

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leather cleaning in mccleary wa

Why do I need a professional leather cleaner?

Leather furniture isn’t exactly like your upholstered furniture. But it still collects dirt, grime, dust, body oils, acids, and anything else found on your body or in your home. Unfortunately, these gross things leave behind nasty dark spots and sometimes even stains. Although it may seem like it’s easy to deep clean these spots yourself, it’s actually much tougher. Especially when so many DIY solutions and projects use chemicals that may end up drying out and cracking your leather. This is where a professional leather cleaning service, like the team here at Green Leaf Chem-Dry, can come in handy. We only use products and solutions that are proven safe for leather. Plus, our years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction will get the job done right for you. Give us a call today to book a leather cleaning in the McCleary area.


What makes you different from other leather cleaners in McCleary?

This is a great question that we love to answer. The secret to our success is in the leather cleaning products we use. You see, Chem-Dry products are designed to help clean and refresh your leather furniture without causing cracks or damage. This makes us safe, gentle, and effective. Often times, those other McCleary leather cleaning guys can’t even be one of those three things.

What are some common causes of leather damage?

  1. Oils: All humans and animals will naturally secrete oils from their bodies. This oil can be deposited on leather and can cause substantial damage to the protective finishes on leather couches and chairs. Hair and hand oils transferring to the head cushions and armrests of the furniture are common areas to find this kind of wear.
  2. Dust: If you were to watch your leather non-stop for one week in a glass room, how much dust do you think would accumulate? Quite a bit right? Now imagine it in your home where dust builds even more due to people coming in and out throughout the day. that dust may not seem like a big deal but it can cause some damage to your leather if you let it sit there. Furthermore, airborne cooking oils and atmospheric pollutants are present, to some degree, in every home.
  3. Dirt & Soil: Common dirt, sand, and plant fibers can all be tracked in from outside. The biggest threat to your leather here would be sand as it is extremely abrasive and coarse. Those are two adjectives that leather really hates. Other soils can also be introduced into the home by adults, kids, and pets and attach to the leather and increase wear.
  4. Dyes & Inks: The inks from newsprint can also be deposited on leather. Your clothes, especially denim, can transfer dye onto leather as well. The ink from a leaky pen or the market of an aspiring toddler artist is perhaps the most harmful.
a white leather office chair

How often should I clean my leather furniture?

Regular cleaning on your own is still important. You don’t need to break out any intense cleaners though. Simply dust and vacuum your leather on a weekly-daily basis. In addition to that, professional leather cleaning and conditioning should be done once every 6-12 months.

Between professional cleanings, use Chem-Dry Soft Cleaner to properly maintain the leather, and also rejuvenate the protective coating with Chem-Dry Protection Cream. Both can be found in the Chem-Dry Home Leather Care Kit. Ask us more about it.