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Think about how much time the average person spends in their office. The first impression someone gets when walking into your office matters, and the ongoing feeling your employees get while in that office might matter even more. Clean carpets greatly contribute to this overall feeling.

An office doesn’t have to be over-the-top, but it is important for it to be a clean space where creativity can flow freely.

Recent studies confirm that the environment employees are in each day has a significant impact on their overall health and happiness, and their critical thinking and productivity. Here’s how.  


Clean Carpets Affect Employee Health

The average person will end up spending about 90,000 hours working of the course of their life. That adds up to about one-third of their lifetime. It’s not difficult to see how the environment in which they spend so much time either helps or harms their overall health.

Recent studies confirm that when there’s focus on employee health and wellbeing in a working environment, employees are happier, healthier, and more productive.

A healthy office consists of more than messes you can see. In fact, one of the most significant factors to employee health is the presence of allergens and bacteria that deposits in carpet fibers. Regular commercial carpet cleaning services can remove these allergens and bacteria from your carpets and even the air you breathe.


A Clean Office Boosts Productivity

So what happens when you have healthier, happier employees? You guessed it: increased collaboration, critical thinking, and positive work results.

Recent research confirms that people are significantly more effective at their job when they’re in a positive environment. This obviously includes company culture, as well as clean, aesthetically-pleasing workspaces.  

The best part it, you don’t have to break the bank to makeover your office space. Small efforts can make a big difference in creating a positive, clean atmosphere where employees want to stick around long term.

One of those ways is through routine carpet cleaning. By showing your employees that you care about the conditions in which they work, you’ll help clear their minds from clutter or distractions and open the gate to skyrocketing creativity.


It’s Easier To Maintain A Workspace That’s Clean

When people see that their employer cares enough to take care of their office, they’ll take greater pride in maintaining it themselves.

Employees tend to live up to the level of cleanliness already establishing in their office environment. If something is spilled or a mess is made, they’re more likely to clean it up if the spot is on a clean floor. On the flip side, it would be easy to breeze over a stain if the floors aren’t maintained anyway.

Set the standard for cleanliness in your office through regular carpet cleaning and your employees will follow suit.


Finding A Commercial Carpet Cleaner You Can Trust

A simple task like routine carpet cleaning in your office can have a significant impact on the overall health, happiness, and productivity of your employees.

This is really a win-win for business owners, as happier people have contagious attitudes, work better together, and produce favorable results for your business.

Don’t worry about adding carpet cleaning to your busy list of to-dos. Instead, let a professional carpet cleaning company take care of the work for you.


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