fight seasonal allergies with furniture cleaning in Lacey, waFight Seasonal Allergies With Chem-Dry Furniture Cleaning

It’s officially summer, which means many throughout Lacey and Yelm, Washington are taking advantage of the pleasant weather. Now is the perfect time to open up a window or two, let the fresh breeze roll in, and get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. However, for many, seasonal allergies and the accompanying sneezing and itchy, watery eyes can get in the way. 

The encouraging news is, if you’re a seasonal or year-round allergy sufferer, Chem-Dry furniture cleaning can make a significant impact in your home. 

How Chem-Dry Can Ease Allergies With Furniture Cleaning 

While hay fever is a common culprit, allergies can be triggered from various different sources—like dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and more. Whatever the irritant, Chem-Dry has a proven solution. Afterall, the best place to start is within the home, in the air you breathe most each day. 

Soft fibers like upholstery are especially vulnerable to the accumulation of allergens and bacteria. Spots like carpet and furniture absorb whatever is floating around in the air like a sponge—including pet hair, pollen, dust, nasty odors, chemicals, and more. These contaminants are then transferred by contact or airborne into our lungs and onto our clothing, hands, and faces. 

Chem-Dry can help your household avoid exposure to these illnesses and allergy causing particles by keeping your home bacteria and allergen-free. Many furniture cleaners simply remove dirt and stains, but Chem-Dry takes it a step further. In fact, as proven in a recent Home Health Study, Chem-Dry actually removes 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria in the home. 

Common household allergens are no match for Chem-Dry furniture cleaning in Lacey and Yelm, Washington. We aim to protect the health of your family with each of our cleaning services, and can even apply a hospital-grade sanitizer as part of any service. 

Furniture Cleaning In Lacey And Yelm, Washington

Our goal at Chem-Dry is the health and happiness of you and your family. By scheduling a professional furniture cleaning annually, you can take a proactive step to keep your home free from allergens and bacteria. 

We proudly empower homes and businesses throughout the Lacey and Yelm, Washington communities to take their health into their own hands. Enjoy a healthier, deeper, longer-lasting clean with Chem-Dry furniture cleaning

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