a woman and her daughter are cleaning a kitchen together
Keeping the house clean and livable can be quite the task sometimes. Especially if you have little kids running around and making a disaster of the house that was clean for only a few minutes.  No matter how much work it takes to clean your home, it’s important to keep a clean home to prevent sickness and allergen build up. So why are you doing all the work yourself? Here’s how to make get everything organized and get a couple extra little hands to help you out.

Get Your Toddlers Involved (It’s Never Too Early!)

When you have a healthy home, it’s safe to say that you also have a happy home! Toddlers are really good at making a mess, but they can also be really good at cleaning up the mess. Teach them early on the importance of cleaning up after themselves. One of the best ways to do this is to set the example and clean up your own messes quickly, showing them responsibility for their actions. You may also want to assign them small chores and then afterward reward them for completing it. Just implementing a ‘one small chore’ rule on a daily basis, and you’ll notice the time it saves you.

Implement a Reward System

With the help of your kids, create a colorful creative chart that shows everyone’s daily and weekly tasks. Making it visible for everyone to see creates accountability and also a visual reminder to complete each task. You want each child to feel good about themselves, not frustrated because the task at hand is too difficult to complete. Decorate the chart so the charts seem like it’s the toddlers ‘own’.

Together as a family, come up with a reward for a week’s worth of chores accomplished. Would your kids like to head out to their favorite ice cream shop? Or, would everyone enjoy a round of bowling? Implement a reward that will motivate your family to do an excellent job taking care of their personal belongings. You’ll be making memories after the hard work is done!

Turn it Over to the Professionals

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