How To Develop A Family Cleaning Schedule

Feb 21, 2023 | General Cleaning Tips

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How To Get Kids Involved With Deep Cleaning

Keeping the house clean can feel like an insurmountable task sometimes—especially with kids in the home. Thankfully, you have Chem-Dry on your side with carpet cleaning in Tumwater plus so much more.

It may take effort and planning, but maintaining a clean home matters. Plus, staying organized can be a lot easier when you enlist those little hands to help you!

It’s Never Too Early To Get Involved! 

A clean home is a happy home. Toddlers may be good at making messes, but they can also be very helpful at cleaning up.

Teach your kids from an early age the importance of cleaning up after themselves. It all starts by setting the example, giving them age-appropriate responsibilities, then holding them accountable to their tasks. It can also help to assign small chores then reward your kids for completing them.

Try A Reward System

Create a colorful rewards chart that shows the daily and weekly tasks for everyone in the home. This visual creates accountability as well as a reminder for everyone to complete their part.

Decide together what the reward will be for each week when chores are accomplished. Maybe your kids will want to go out for ice cream, bowling, or have some extra screen time. Implement a reward that will also help you make special memories together!

Carpet Cleaning In Tumwater 

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