Cleaning Tips Plus How To Kid-Proof Your Wood Floors

Oct 29, 2021 | Wood Floor Cleaning

A graphic saying how to clean and childproof wood floors.Kids bring life and love to our homes, and also an increased chance of spills and stains. But don’t worry—Chem-Dry has you covered with wood floor cleaning in Olympia

It matters to preserve the investment of wood floors, and most importantly keep your children safe from hazards. You can do both by following a few routine practices to care for your wood floors. 

Try implementing the following into your daily routine for wood floor cleaning in Olympia

Protecting Your Wood Floors From Daily Life With Kids

  • Utilize area rugs in high traffic areas or spots where spills are more likely. 


  • Be consistent about taking shoes off at the door. When walking across hardwood floors, have your kids wear socks or bare feet instead of shoes.


  • At the first sign of spills, act fast to wipe them up. This can help prevent stains, floorboard warping, and damage to your floors. 


  • Place pads on the feet of furniture to prevent scratching up hardwood flooring.


  • When kids are potty training, try using disposable puppy mats to catch messes that might otherwise end up on hardwoods. 


  • Keep up with routine vacuuming and mopping. This can help limit dirt and other particles from scratching and dulling hardwood surfaces. 


  • Instead of playing with toys directly on hardwood floors, have your kids explore freely on a play mat. 


Wood Floor Cleaning In Olympia, Washington 

Our team at Green Leaf Chem-Dry specializes in caring for your precious surfaces with industry-leading wood floor cleaning in Olympia

By taking advantage of this service on a routine basis, you can help add years to the lifespan of your beautiful hardwood floors! 

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