Spring is the perfect time to deep clean and get your home in tip-top shape—and that includes upholstery. Our furniture gets packed with dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other particles over time, so cleaning these areas is crucial for a healthy home.

Here are a few tips from the pro’s at Green Leaf Chem-Dry for keeping your furniture in pristine condition.

1 – Vacuum furniture, including crevices and underneath cushions.

Aim for vacuuming on a weekly basis, then every few weeks do an even more thorough job. Take off all cushions and vacuum both sides, then use vacuum attachments to reach all the hidden cracks where dirt, hair, crumbs, and more can hide.

2 – Polish wood or metal pieces with an appropriate cleaner.

Remember to wipe down the non-fabric pieces of your sofa using wood polish or another safe cleaning solution.

3 – Determine the fabric of your furniture and clean it according to recommendations.

Your furniture should have a tag that contains instructions as well as do’s and don’ts for cleaning that specific type of fabric. Here are a few common labels: WS (safe to use mild detergent), S (dry cleaner detergent only), X (no water, vacuum only), W (safe to clean with water).

4 – Spot clean any visible stains.

After determining which detergents are safe for your fabric, use the appropriate stain remover. You can try a store-bought cleaner or make one yourself. A simple recipe is to mix a ¼ cup of vinegar with a ¾ cup water and a couple of drops of dish soap in a spray bottle for synthetic fabrics.

5 – Let your furniture dry before using it.

Blot up as much moisture as you can with a towel, then let your furniture dry in a well-ventilated area. You may want to direct a few fans at your upholstery to aid in the drying process. Remember that it can take several days for your furniture to dry. So, keep an eye out for any potential mildew or mold growth.http://https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-plants-on-the-table-1005058/

6 – Schedule a professional furniture cleaning.

The techniques above are generally effective at treating surface stains, but in order to give your furniture the deep cleaning it needs, you should schedule a professional appointment at least once each year. This can help ensure that bacteria and allergens are fully removed and that your furniture is preserved and protected.

Furniture Cleaning In Olympia, Washington

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