Chem-Dry’s Safer, Healthier Method For Wood Floor Cleaning

Jul 22, 2022 | Wood Floor Cleaning

Olympia wood floor cleaning serviceIf you’re fortunate enough to have wood floors, you know the beauty and value they can bring to your home! It’s also important to consider the importance of preserving them by keeping them cleaned and maintained. 

As the leading wood floor cleaner in Olympia, Chem-Dry specializes in making sure your precious flooring investment lasts for years to come. 

Enjoy the upgrade hardwood floors are to your space—including their character, color, durability, and style—and leave it in our hands to help care for them as the years go by. After all, you should focus on experiencing and enjoying your daily life without worrying about what might happen to your floors! 

We can help prevent long term damage to your floors through regular cleaning as the top wood floor cleaner in Olympia. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes our process truly unique! 

Benefits Of Chem-Dry Wood Floor Cleaning 

We’re committed to providing the best service money can buy. Here’s how our wood cleaning service is exactly that! 

Our method provides a deeper, longer lasting clean. We not only remove surface dirt and stains, but go far beneath to remove what’s trapped down in the wood—including stains, particles, and more. We also use less moisture in the process, which helps prevent damage and warping. 

Our process restores the beauty of hardwood floors and also helps make them more durable for the future. With help from Chem-Dry, your wood floors can last for even more years to come. And as part of the process, we add a protective barrier over your floors to help them repel future liquid, stains, and damage. 

We use top of the line equipment and products that are tough enough to penetrate deep into wood floors yet gentle enough not to damage them. We also use only non-toxic, safe products that are free of harsh chemicals.

Finally, to finish your service, we apply a specially formulated polish that adds a shiny, strong barrier over your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Cleaner In Olympia, Washington

Hardwood floors are an investment in the home—one that deserves proper care and maintenance. You can be confident that yours are in the best hands when you choose Chem-Dry as your wood floor cleaner in Olympia, Washington.

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