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Lamberts Corner is a special, tight-knit community located in near the heat of Olympia. We know exactly how important it is for residents of Lamberts Corner to find cleaning services they can trust to come into their home. That’s why we strive to offer a safe and healthy carpet cleaning service.

The team here at Green Leaf Chem-Dry is an experienced carpet cleaner in Lamberts Corner. Our carbonated cleaning process known as Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) has been tested and proved to remove allergens, stains, grime, and more from your carpet with a fraction of the water of traditional steam. Plus, our cleaning solution, The Natural®, is completely safe and non-toxic. Simply put, we are a local service you can trust with the health and well being of your home. Give us a call today for a free price estimate.

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Stain Removal & So Much More

When you’re doing searches for “carpet cleaner near me” it’s more than likely because you have stains you want to remove. That’s of course something we can accomplish for you. In fact, we have a slogan around here, “If we can’t get it out, then no one can!” That includes pet urine stains. However, our carpet cleaning service offers so much more than just stain removal. You see, your carpets act as an air filter in your home. They trap allergens and dust deep within the fibers to keep them from your indoor air. This is great, but like any filter, it will get clogged up eventually and fail to do it’s job properly. Your vacuum alone isn’t enough to get rid of all of those things. The team here at Chem-Dry can! Our crew and process have been and proven to remove allergens*. 


“He did such an amazing job ! We live in a rental that wasn’t well taken care of previously. The carpets have always looked worn and we finally decided to have them deep cleaned. The service was fast , affordable , and had amazing results ! Definitely will use again in the future!”
Brittany S.

“Very very satisfied and happy with the service, the owner was very professional and polite, the carpet was dry within a few hours, i’m very satisfied with the cleaning, I most certainly would have them return.”

Diane J.

“We have a four year old and the carpet stains added up over the past year. Green Leaf Chem Dry cleaned our carpet and it looks and feels so much better! It’s such a relief to walk in the room and see clean carpets. It was also such a smooth and easy process, and we could put the furniture back after a few hours of drying.”

Jill R.